15th Annual Jacksons Gift of Peace Campaign 2018

Feb 13, 2019

Jacksons is proud to support and help victims of domestic violence through our annual Jacksons Gift of Peace Campaign. This year we’ve continued to support with a total donation of over $187,000, which brings our 15-year total to more than $1.35 Million.

Our generous customers play a huge part in the success of this campaign. Our customers donate by purchasing a peace dove at their neighborhood Jacksons that is displayed in the stores throughout this campaign. Idaho alone raised over $74,000. Our best performing Idaho Store was Store 68 and raised $3,209. Contributions to the Oregon Coalition nearly doubled in 2018 as compared to 2017, raising over $32,000. Arizona raised over $17,000 through their 2018 campaign, which is up almost 10% from last year.

As a company, we aim to lift people up and build strong communities. This annual giving campaign helps us support these important coalitions that work to empower those who are vulnerable.